How to customize IssueM with shortcodes

Note: you don’t need to fuss with shortcodes if you like the default layout.

Advanced shortcodes can be found here.

This video will show you how IssueM sets up with shortcodes. It’s a 12 minute investment that will save you some time :)

  1. You will learn how shortcodes create the current issue and past issues pages.
  2. You will learn how to use the current issue cover widget which shows the reader what issue they are viewing [starts at 8:19].
  3. You will learn how to use the navigation widget to display your sidebar articles [starts at 9:04].

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  • Kimberly Farrell

    Is this the correct video for ‘How to customize IssueM with shortcodes’? Because it says ‘Leaky Paywall for wordpress’…

  • Peter Ericson

    Kim thanks for pointing that out. I updated the video to the correct one. It’s an older video but still valid. The shortcodes link above will get you all the available options.